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     "Your Pursuit Is Your Passion And Deserves The Right Gear"

Grizzliman is a family-owned business founded in 2018, which reflects our passion and hobbies. Our names are Ekrem and Olga and we have 4 children and a wonderful Springer Spaniel dog called Apache. We're fond of outdoor activities and love going fishing, hunting and on survival tours. To experience nature and refresh ourselves in the out-of-doors is like a sip of happiness after long working days.

Our Mission

Here at Grizzlymanshop, our mission is to improve our customer’s experience, providing them with gear and duffel for hunting, fishing, camping and any outdoor activities. All of the clothes and equipment in our stock range are based on 3 core essentials: quality, comfort and affordable price.

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Our Distinctiveness, Novelty And Attributes

Grizzlymanshop has organized a collection of breathable, comfortable, and weatherproof suits. You can choose between soft shell and hardshell versions of suit items, made of 2-layer or 3-layer fabric, with or without fleece insulation. There are varieties of Camouflage Gorka Suits for hunters, Bib & Brace Suits for anglers, Jacket & Trousers sets for campers. Our Jacket & Pants suits are great for paintball, airsoft, bushcraft and any activity.

Grizzlymanshop Style

Our customers are tourists, adventurous and rugged outdoorsmen, bush hunters and nature enthusiasts. They are keen on military-style clothing and comfort. Grizzlymanshop clothes are universal, since camo colours can be used in urban and forest areas, mountainous and rough terrain alike. You haven’t yet chosen the camo suit that is right up your alley? Check out our range!

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The Right Gear

We provide clothes for outdoor activities at a reasonable cost. Since we produce clothes and accessories ourselves, we are 100% sure of the quality, usability and durability of each product! We pride ourselves on the fact that clothing from Grizzlyman is always a purchase worth the price! We produce our clothes from high-quality fabrics which are breathable, water-resistant, silent, windproof and very durable. The fabrics don’t lose their qualities and aesthetic look, even after a long period of wear, washes, and even dry cleaning!

Our Shop

Grizzlymanshop is a new company in the UK market, dedicated to keeping pace with the times. On our website you can find clothing that is not only made by us but also clothing from Russian manufacturers, our partners. Grizzlymanshop cooperate with Russian and other Post-Soviet countries supplies such as Triton Gear, CosmoTex, Novatex, Splav, Siberian Wax.

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Premium Quality

 Only high-quality and certified goods.

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Buy A Ready Set

You buy 2 or 3 items at once at a bargain price. 

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Special For You

You buy a suit that was designed for a specific type of outdoor activity.

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