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Women’s Outdoor

What is the difference between women's outdoor clothing and men's clothing? In terms of the reliability of protection from any external environmental influences, requirements are made to no less than any other clothing for hunters.
And sometimes even more - after all, a woman is a more fragile and beautiful creature, and the level of protection should be at its best.
Style and fit.
The figure of a woman is different from that of a man, so there will be less room in the shoulders. In some models for women, the waist and torso have extra reinforced wind protection.
Women are gentle creatures, and the comfort level of hunting clothes or clothes for any outdoor activities will be more important for her than for men. The ability to keep warm and let in steam allows a girl to be in motion for a long time.
Comfort and confidence. 


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Gorka Suit "Barrier" | Grey Mint

The Women's Summer suit “Barrier” by Novotex (TM “Payer”) as a Gorka 4 "Anorak" type is one of the most popular anti-insects suits for the...

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Women's SoftShell Suit | Grey

This Best SoftShell Jacket and Trousers "Bagira" are specially designed for ladies who like an active lifestyle. The design of the suit is made...

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Women's Outdoor Suit | Beige

This Women Suit "Gorka" is designed, taking into account the female figure's anatomical features. The universal model recommended for outdoor activities, camping, hunting or...

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Amazing product

Bought this a little while ago and Jesus is this suit amazing! If had a few suits like this both for fishing and skiing but this is the warmest (I’d actually say hottest) suit I’ve ever bought. It feels like a heated blanket around you. It’s comfortable, light, extremely well made and VERY waterproof. Not one drop came through after an entire day on the bank. Before I bought this I spoke with the owner for sizing and general questions and he was so helpful and knowledgeable. I must admit, I felt attached to this company straight away especially being UK based the customer service was amazing. I won’t ever buy from another company again. If you buy this you will not regret it

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Nigel Heslop - Trust Pilot

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