What is the Gorka suit ?

You may be wondering, but what makes the Russian Gorka outfit stand out more than the rest? Or What does the "Gorka" name itself mean, and what are the purposes of this suit?
Whether you are someone who enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, airsoft, camping or even a Military Servicemember ... today we bring you all the highlights that you are looking for around the famous Gorka Suit.
What is a Gorka Suit?
1 Some information about the history of the Russian Gorka Suit.
There is disinformation that the mountain guard suit has made in Germany during WWII was taken to create the first Russian Gorka. This is wrong! During the Soviet war in Afghanistan, the lack of special outfits became a real problem. The local mountainous terrain with its strong winds required something more specific than the usual equipment of Soviet soldiers. In 1981, specialists created the "Gorka" suit based on their accumulated experience and taking into account the needs of the Soviet mining brigades and infantry. After WWII, the Gorka remained in Military units and became accessible to the civilian population.
2 What the best fabrics used in the Gorka suit? or Will you feel hot in the Gorka suits?
The first Gorka mentioned above was made of tent cloth. The most useful fabric nowadays made the Gorka suit: a blend of the Tent fabric with Gretta reinforcements on the exposed parts. This is particularly the case with the Gorka by "Bars" series, the Gorka 3 model widely used by the Military Services. Several other models are made exclusively in Canvas: a tent fabric with improved properties such as Gorka-1 by "Splav". There are also models made only in Ripstop, less comfortable than the Gorka Canvas but more durable and water-resistant than the classical Tent ,Canvas or Gretta fabrics. We are strongly recommended to refer to the characteristics of each model individually!
3 What is the best care temperature for the Gorka suit or our care recommendations?
Here are the "official" care recommendations for the Gorka Suit :
Machine or hand wash at low speed.
Wash in warm water (max t 40°C) with a mild amount of detergent.
Rinse up when the water temperature has dropped, with a reduced rotation cycle!
Please, DO NOT BLEACH with a substance containing chlorine.
Please, iron only on the front side at a press surface temperature of 150-250 °C
Please read our advice based on our care experience. Instead, it is recommended to follow to keep your Gorka Suit in perfect condition even after several years:
Hand wash your Gorka in cold water (temperature 30-40 ° C) with soap and a brush to remove dirt.
It is better to wring suit out by hand or at low speed in the washing machine (400-600 rpm), then the probability of deterioration of the white colour of the fabric is minimal.
Please, dry your uniform in well-ventilated rooms or outdoors, avoiding direct sunlight.
After a few washes, classic Gorka "Bars" (as a government reference) will gradually lose their water-repellent properties. You can treat your suit with a water repellent product, but it will be less breathable during physical activities. See our range of Gorka Suits .
4 How to choose the right size?
Our customer team provides the best service to our clients and will help with any help and advise. If you not sure about your size, please contact us anytime. Here is the contact form.

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