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Welcome to our online store GRIZZLYMANSHOP.COM
The  GRIZZLYMANSHOP.COM is a family-owned business founded in 2018, which reflects our passion and hobbies.

Our names are Ekrem and Olga. We are an international family and we have 4 children and a wonderful friend of the family whose name is Apache (this is our dog, Springer Spaniel). Our family is very fond of outdoor activities.
We love going fishing, hunting or on survival tours while staying a lot of time outdoors and that is like a piece of happiness for us after long working days.
It was a great surprise when I discovered Gorka’s army suit which was created to provide absolute comfort for special army units. It is very comfortable to wear for any outdoor activities: hunting, fishing, etc. and moreover, the price of it is so reasonable! We decided to present this type of clothing on the market in the UK for those who like active lifestyle as we do.
On our website, you can find clothing that is not only made by us but also clothing from Russian manufacturers, our partners. GRIZZLYMANSHOP cooperate with Russian and Post-Soviet countries supplies. And we plan to introduce you to many products produced in Russia.
We want to welcome our new clients, ready to help them and answer any of their questions. A good price and 100% free delivery and refund (if the product does not fit) will please you.
GRIZZLYMANSHOP is a new company in the UK market, dedicated to keeping pace with the times. Our products are based on quality, comfort and simplicity.
We provide clothes for outdoor activities at a reasonable cost. Since we produce clothes and accessories ourselves, we are 100% sure of the quality, usability and durability of each product! We pride ourselves on the fact that clothing from Grizzlyman is always a purchase worth the price! All of our clothes are based on 3 important points: quality, convenience and an affordable price.
We produce our clothes from high-quality fabrics which are breathable, water-resistant, silent and, windproof and very durable. The fabrics don’t lose their qualities and aesthetic look, even after a long period of wear, washes, and even dry cleaning!

Our clients are people who love military-style clothing, being active, travelling, and exploring. Our clothes are great for fishing, hunting, hiking, outdoor activities, paintball and airsoft, simple fans of the military-style, and everyone else who needs high-quality and durable clothing!
GRIZZLYMANSHOP clothes are very universal, as many of the camo-colours can be used in urban and forest areas, mountainous and rough terrain alike.
We have a great variety of clothes and make it as easy as possible to find the right size, colour, style and other specifications you need.
You haven’t chosen the camo suit that suits your taste yet? Check out our range!


About us
Garment manufacturer “COSMOTEX” was founded in 1999 and has a wealth of experience in the production of clothes for hunting, fishing, tourism and coveralls.
The manufacturer has modern equipment to help them produce the best-quality garments. In recent years, their team has expanded to include a number of professional seamstresses, tailors and technologists. At the moment, the company owns two manufacturing sites which are regularly upgraded with new equipment and technologies. Since 2019, we have been an official representative and distributor of COSMOTEX’ goods.
If you are interested in learning more about our products, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We can provide you with all the information you need, including pricing, the full description of products, fabrics, and technologies.

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