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Fishing Gear

Luck is an essential attribute of good fishing, but catching it is much easier than it seems. Luck is not some mysterious whim of nature or a coincidence, but the result of planned actions and high-quality preparation. To be lucky and returning from fishing with a big catch, you need to take care of all the nuances in advance. And now we mean not only high-quality gear, but also your own comfort.

Nothing is more annoying or distracting from the float like getting soaked through your feet or a short, blown jacket. To prevent this and fully focus on the process, get pleasure and relaxation from it, choose fishing clothing in the Grizzlymanshop.

Our Fishing Gear is made of Membrane Fabric, which makes it showerproof, water-resistant, breathable, silent and an excellent choice for fishermen, campers, or anyone who wants to spend a lot of time outdoors. 

You’ll find waterproof trousers for fishing and hiking for those who want the best of the best when keeping their legs dry. Our range of bib and brace waterproof trousers and suits are absolutely ideal for moments when the weather turns for the worst. There are also fly fishing vests that will make your hobby more pleasant and comfortable. 

Luck for sale. High-quality clothing is the secret to a good catch.

When choosing fishing wear, the main rule that should be taken into account is layering. The weather is changeable, as is the wheel of fortune. Therefore, you must be prepared for any conditions. If you go on an autumn or winter fishing trip, high-quality thermal underwear is the first thing you should take care of. It must be thin, soft, and light at the same time. A good thermal suit fits perfectly on the figure, does not hinder movement, and is practically not felt on the body. You will find such thermal suits on our website. There are no products of Chinese manufacturers here, and low prices are due to the fact that we organize direct deliveries from factories in Eastern Europe.

The next layer of the fisherman's clothing is waterproof trousers. Some models are versatile and can easily turn into shorts if the weather changes its mood again. When choosing clothes for fishing, you should not forget about warm soft jumpers. They will serve as a good layer between thermal underwear and a waterproof jacket.

In addition to clothing, we have also taken care of fishing accessories. So that all the essentials are always at hand, we advise you to pay attention to one of the most popular models of men's vests “Fisher pro”. Thanks to the adjustable wide shoulder straps, it can be worn either over a T-shirt or a jacket.

You can add warm soft hats, cotton T-shirts, belts to your outfit. Also in the online store, there is a large selection of strong roomy fishing backpacks, where you can put all the necessary tackle and provisions.

Why do experienced fishermen prefer our store?

Real anglers prefer quality clothing, but do not like to overpay. Instead of paying for high-profile brand names, we suggest buying clothes of the same high quality, but at a much lower price. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the clothing so give you 30 days for free returns and exchanges. Moreover, if something happens to your jacket, pants, overalls, or backpack during the first 6 months, we will fix everything for free. A high level of quality and service are our two main priorities.

Here you will find outdoor clothing that has two options of length – regular and long, and strict compliance with the dimensional grid from S to 3XL. In addition, we offer free UK shipping and are always ready to answer any questions. If you need help in choosing or have suggestions for cooperation, just mail us. We are always open to communication.


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Men's Fishing Thermal Suit "Riverside"

“Riverside“ is a 3-in-1 Waterproof Thermal Fishing Suit (Mustard/Grey) from Grayling™ Collection (Novatex) with a reversible padded jacket that can be used as a...

More sizes available


Men's Fishing Suit “Angler Cup”

DESIGN CHARACTERISTICS:This Men's Waterproof Fishing Suit “Angler Cup” was designed taking into account the opinions of professional fishermen, whose experience and knowledge of rainy...

More sizes available


Men's Vest "Fisher Pro"

This adjustable, one-size-fits-all, "Fisher Pro" Fishing Vest from Triton Gear is a favourite here of our customers of Grizzlymanshop.The"Fisher Pro" vest offers comfort without interfering...
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Waterproof Fishing Suit "Magellan" | Black

Suit "Magellan" (ТМ GRAYLING) is a new of the season. The suit was specially designed for demi-season fishing. Lightweight and very durable nylon fabric...

More sizes available


Fishing Suit Extreme | Black - Yellow

This Waterproof Suit "Extreme" consists of a men's jacket and trousers, designed for fishing in the Summer/Spring/Early Autumn. A comfortable suit that does not restrict...

More sizes available

-30% off

Anorak suit "SNAR" | Ripstop

This Anorak "SNAR" suit by Triton Gear is the best anti-insect suit, reliable and irreplaceable in spring and summer. The suit has a comfortable...
£124.00 £86.80

More sizes available


Men's Outdoor Suit "Green Wood" | Olive

Men's Outdoor Suit "Green Wood" from the SKANSON collection  is designed for camping, going out in the countryside or any other outdoor activities in...

More sizes available

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Men's Bermuda Shorts "Kilimanjaro"

Men's Bermuda Shorts "Kilimanjaro" from the collection of professional clothing SKANSON are designed for those who appreciate high quality and practical design. This item is made from 100%...

More sizes available

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Urban Bermuda Shorts | Multicam

DESIGN  CHARACTERISTICS: Comfortable Men's Bermuda shorts designed for everyday wear and outdoor activities. Made from the famous Ripstop fabric, these shorts are perfect for adventurous people. Ripstop is...

More sizes available


Splav Rucksack "Raptor 80" | 80L

Raid Backpack "Raptor 80" for long-distance hiking. A classic tactical model. One main compartment. One removable  lid compartment/flap pocket. Velcro ID panel on the...
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Splav Rucksack "Raptor 100" | 100L

Raid Backpack "Raptor 80" for long-distance hiking. A classic tactical model. One main compartment. One removable  lid compartment/flap pocket. Velcro ID panel on the...
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Tactical Shoulder Bag “Tactica” | Black

Tactical City Bag " Tactica" by Splav, with the main volume expanding if necessary and a detachable pouch, which you can use separately with...
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Amazing product

Bought this a little while ago and Jesus is this suit amazing! If had a few suits like this both for fishing and skiing but this is the warmest (I’d actually say hottest) suit I’ve ever bought. It feels like a heated blanket around you. It’s comfortable, light, extremely well made and VERY waterproof. Not one drop came through after an entire day on the bank. Before I bought this I spoke with the owner for sizing and general questions and he was so helpful and knowledgeable. I must admit, I felt attached to this company straight away especially being UK based the customer service was amazing. I won’t ever buy from another company again. If you buy this you will not regret it

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Nigel Heslop - Trust Pilot

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