What to Pack for Hiking: 33 Best Essentials for a Hike

This guide covers the 33 essentials for a hike, including:
Hiking essentials
Safety and emergency equipment
Hygiene products
Food and camping utensils
What to wear hiking

There’s a list of the best hiking gear you need during backpacking or trekking (a multi-day journey), including a list of the essentials you should bring on every hike.

The list is especially useful for people who are going on a hike for the first time or want to improve their experience in comparison with their previous hike. You can come to Grizzlymanshop and buy some items here at once, if you had nothing before.

Almost a universal list. You can safely use it for hiking in the mountainous regions and on your weekend tour to the nearby woods.

Camp and Personal Gear:

* Tent (1-2-man)
* Backpack with about 70 L volume;
* Sleeping bags with Comfort Limit 0°C (if you are going to a warm area, the Comfort Limit may be 10-15°C)
* Sleeping mat;
* Trekking poles;
* Foam seat.

Safety Equipment and Emergency

* Individual first aid kit;
* Bug spray;
* Flashlight (preferably a headlamp, with extra batteries);
* Sunglasses;
* Sun cream with a high level of protection 30-60;
* Hermetic bag (dry bag) for packing things.
Hygiene Products:
* Personal hygiene products: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap;
* Hand sanitizer;
* Trash bags;
* Towel.

Food and Kitchen Supply:

* Camping utensils (water bottle, bowl, mug, spoon, knife);
* Plenty of food;
* Plenty of water;
* Knife or multi-tool;
* Lighter, firestarter;
* A gas burner, gas and an awning.

Clothing and Footwear:

Extra layers – regardless of the time of year, you should have extra layers stored in your pack.
* Wind/moisture-proof clothing (membrane pants and jacket, poncho raincoat);
* A warm set for the evening and for sleeping (warm socks, fleece pants and a jacket);
* Set of walking route clothing (pants and jacket);
* Some T-shirts;
* Thermal underwear;
* Trekking boots or sneakers;
* Second pair of shoes for bivouac ;
* Headwear as sun or cold protection (bandana, scarf, cap, etc.);
* Gloves;
* Shorts;
* Trekking socks.

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