What is Shelter® insulation? Performance and care instructions

Service life

Shelter® is almost eternal because the half-life of the fibres is 300 years. The fibres are securely fused to each other and form a single whole. The service life of things depends only on the materials with which the insulation is sheathed and the nature of the use of products.

Warmth And Performance Milestones

Qualities that were exposed while wearing clothing with Shelter® Insulation materials

The fabric is permeated with air. It has excellent qualities.

- Special lightness, superior to other synthetic insulations, is extremely important for climbers and skiers' equipment. The ski suit was successfully tested while climbing the highest mountain in Europe - Elbrus.

- Unsurpassed heat saving at the minimum volume. In 2009, after numerous experiments, the Institute of the Garment Industry recommended the use of non-woven fabric in the Far North.

- In 2014, the insulation of overalls and sleeping bags successfully passed the test, which was carried out during the work of Arctic expedition. Polar explorers worked at temperatures  -52 and wind force -22 m per second. The overalls fully provided necessary protection and thermal comfort in the most severe weather conditions.

- Excellent heat transfer.

- The fabric is breathable. There was no condensate inside the insulation even with the intensive work of polar explorers. 

-  Elasticity is explained by the springy interaction of separate fibers with each other. The material does not restrict movement, which is extremely important while taking photos and videos, repair work at polar stations. Non-woven insulation is resistant to deformation.

- Ease of care: dries quickly, does not shrink after washing.

- Fire resistance. The fabric is slow-burning. It is not afraid of short-term contact with fire and electric arc effects.

- The neat appearance of the products is explained by the absence of fiber migration through the lining or facing fabric. The insulation has double-sided heat treatment.

- Shelter® is antistatic. It has super quality unlike other synthetic insulation. Silver ions are included into the fibers. Thanks to them electricity seems to flow from the surface of the products. They do not raise hair on end and do not spark. It is not only convenient, but also safe in some industries. 

How to care for products with Shelter® insulation

Despite the durability of the material, the manufacturer recommends using gentle care conditions. The insulation tolerates washing well, but it is better to take into account the opinion of the manufacturers to maintain all the protective qualities. 

Shelter® insulation should be washed in a delicate mode. 

If necessary, dry cleaning is quite acceptable. 

The material should not be squeezed in the machine. It is better to hang it for draining water and further drying. 

The heater tolerates non-contact steaming well, it does not need to be ironed.

Shelter® insulation is reliable and durable. Flexible, lightweight material does not restrict movement. It will protect from wind and cold, will create comfort at work, daily use and recreation.

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