What is Shelter® Insulation?

Clothing Thermal Insulation

With the right snow gear the fun doesn't have to stop when the weather turns. We offer a wide range of snow gear for winter fishing and yachting, thermal clothing for hunting and tactical games, for extreme winter sports like snowboarding, free riding, mountaineering. Some of our products are made with Shelter® insulation. 

What is Shelter® Insulation?

Clothing with Shelter® insulation retains heat reliably, provides comfort and freedom of movement. It is very light and warm, it breathes even with intense loads. Shelter® material provides enhanced thermal protection, light weight, effective breathability, softness and size.

The uniqueness of this fabric lies in the peculiarities of the structure and the method of its production. The insulation reproduces northern birds down. It successfully combines the unsurpassed warmth of natural down and the best qualities of synthetic materials.

Shelter® will not let you freeze even at -30C - this is the best fabric for clothing for residents of the Far North and workers of extreme professions. For production of this insulation they do not use aggressive chemicals. 

Where is Shelter® produced?

This magnificent product is produced at an enterprise outside of Moscow. At the beginning of this century the factory of non-woven materials “Ves Mir” (“All the World”) launched manufacturing the first nonwovens. At first it was bulk polymer products for upholstered furniture, then for mattresses. The company has developed and launched the technology of filter cloths for ventilation. Porous products provide air exchange in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, in the halls of the Tretyakov Gallery and the Hermitage. Such objects of product introduction speak for themselves.

The acquired experience allowed specialists to cope with the development of a unique Russian polymer insulation for clothing. They called the insulation Shelter®. Indeed, a person in clothes with Shelter® insulation feels like in a cozy shelter, protected from cold and bad weather.

Environmental friendliness is created by the chemical neutrality of polyester fibers and the purity of the technological process. The insulation does not cause allergies and has an Oeko-Tech environmental safety certificate.

How is Shelter® Insulation made? 

Shelter® insulation is a high-tech synthetic thermal insulation material. It is made of ultra-thin polyester microfibers, the thickness of which is significantly less than a human hair.

The fibers lie in different directions, fixed with each other in places of contact in a special way. For fixation, a hot air stream is passed through a solid wavy layer of polymer microwire. Polymer molecules are adjusted, softened and glued together at the points of contact.

The features of the structure are as follows:

  • polymer fibers mutually repel each other, therefore, clumping and sticking of the material is eliminated;
  • under external pressure, the molecules can shrink for a while, and after the pressure weakens, they can easily straighten out.

1 mm2 of insulation contains 168 multidirectional cells. Such a high porosity of the material determines its quality.

What is Shelter® Insulation used for? 

Despite the fact that the shelter is a relatively new material on the market of insulation, it has already found wide application in many sectors of clothes,  bed-clothes and sport gear production.

It is recommended for functional outerwear and accessories as well as for extremely cold climates.

Children's sports and model clothes are insulated with it, it is indispensable in sleeping bags and in climbers' equipment. The material is in demand in law enforcement agencies, it is an integral part of the winter clothing of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Defense. The fire resistance of the insulation is used in the production of blankets, mattress covers and soft toys for children.

What brands at Grizzlymanshop use Shelter® insulation for clothes production?

We offer gear for snow extreme sports by Dragonfly. These clothing is made with warm lightweight and super breathable insulation Shelter Sport™ that is perfect for winter equipment, sports and tourist clothes. It is ideal for outdoor activities even in extremely wet and cold weather. The combination of microfibers with different thickness has the structure of natural down, providing high thermal insulation properties and compressive volume even after repeated washings.

Also we have a range of clothing for everyday life and for extreme outdoor activities by Triton Gear. This Russian brand of professional equipment for hunting, fishing and active recreation uses Shelter® insulation in such product range as Thermal Suits “Triton Pro” and Flotation Fishing Suits “SKIF” models. This clothing provides increased thermal protection, it keeps  light weight, effective breathability, softness and volume of the material.

What are performance characteristics and properties of Shelter® Insulation?


- Synthetic substitute for natural down.
- Light weight.
- Reliable protection from cold.
- Minimum volume for maximum protection
- Unique heat exchange system.
- The body breathes even during intense exercise.

- Provides comfort and freedom of movement.

Environmental friendliness and safety

- Not susceptible to rotting - has biochemical and bactericidal resistance.
- Safe - environmentally friendly materials are used in its production.
- It complies with the Unified Sanitary and Epidemiological Requirements.

- Hypoallergenic material, it does not require protection upon contact.

Consumer appeal

- Reliable protection from the cold: the use of microfibers provides maximum thermal protection with minimum bulk.
- Comfort and freedom of movement, elastic fibers allow you to make clothes that do not restrict movement.
- Unique heat exchange system, the body breathes even under intense loads.
- Safety for health: does not cause allergic reactions, environmental friendliness and safety are proved by certificates.

- Ease of care: dries quickly, does not shrink after washing.

What are the accomplishments and achievements of Shelter®?

Clothing with Shelter® insulation has already been tested in the arctic cold and tested for fire resistance, it has also received certifications for people's safety and environmental friendliness. The insulation has repeatedly received the honorary award "Best Fabric of the Year".

From 2011 to 2014, the unique insulation became the best fabric of the year produced in Russia. Undoubtedly, Shelter® is the material not only of the present, but also of the future. Its  durability and special properties will be in demand wherever reliable and high-quality warmth is needed.

Shelter Insulation - Best Fabric Of The Year
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