Review On Splav Seed M1 20L Tactical Backpack

The backpack was purchased 1 year ago for use in mountain hikes. It showed itself well in tough conditions of use. I liked almost every detail of it.

Let's start with the beginning. There are waist and chest straps, and an insert in the back for more comfortable wearing. This backpack is great for everyday use and outings like a weekend hike.

I went mountaineering with it. Everything can be customized. There are lots of thoughtful things: inside pockets and little pockets. Soft, wear-resistant fabric. The impression is very good compared to the same Chinese tactical backpacks. This backpack has much better quality and the color is very cool - coyote. It is suitable for nature and the city and not as light and easily soiled as black.

When I go to the beach I always take changeable slippers, 1 liter bottles of water in the side pockets, food, bedding, a mask, a camera with me. It does not have a bulky shape.

It can accommodate everything you need for a day trip around the city. But my laptop 14 fits only in the main compartment. The waist straps are ok, they fit for big bellies. Moderately tactical design (important for connoisseurs of military style). There are no extra slings and pendants and other nonsense. It is very, very good. Sufficient organization of small things and internal space, hard back.

The organizer is small but nice. If the organizer pocket is loaded, keep eyes peeled, it climbs down when you unzip the main compartment. Do not overload the pockets so that the contents do not fall out. I don’t see any other cons.

seed m1 organiser

It is comfortable in almost every way, perfect for a day trip or city trip. Quality of tailoring, design, material, accessories. The backpack looks like a military one in all the canons of a tactical theme. If you want to have a tactical backpack in the city, this backpack can hardly disappoint you.

Overall, I'm very happy with the backpack and would recommend it to anyone looking for a tactical backpack. I recommend getting a small rain cover as well.


Splav Backpack "Seed M-1" 20L in black, camo, olive colours.

We have a wide selection of bags, crossbody rucksacks, waist carriage systems for hunting, fishing, tactical games, hiking by Splav

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