Review On Best Summer Outdoor Suit! SNAR suit is great for any activities.

New Anorak "SNAR" suit by Triton Gear is the best anti-insect suit, reliable and irreplaceable in spring and summer. The suit has a comfortable fit that does not restrict any movement. It is designed for camping and bushcraft, all types of outdoor activities. Also, the "SNAR" suit can be used with any porpoise, for example, for hiking in the forest or countryside. Provides consistently effective insect protection thanks to suit construction and insecticidal, acaricidal fabric insert.
The suit consists of an anorak jacket and trousers. It is made of special ripstop fabric with reinforced threads and cotton, making it lightweight, comfortable, yet very durable and reliable to use.
The suit is equipped with a volume-adjustable hood with locks and a removable anti-mosquito net with a fine-mesh structure, which perfectly transmits light and does not interfere with the view, well protects against midges, mosquitoes, midges and ticks.
Purpose: hunting, fishing, outdoor activities, camping and bushcraft.
Season: Spring and Summer
Fabric: Ripstop
Material: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton.
Weight: 215 g/m2

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