Review on Men's Hunting Suit "Magnum"

The MAGNUM suit by Novatex is very comfortable, soft and cosy. It is sewn of thick fabric, you won't rip it on a blackberry or holly bush when you make your way through overgrown shores or a dense forest. It is ideal for hiking and camping in autumn. It provides protection from wind and cold, removes excess  heat with steam through the membrane layer. The suit is resistant to short-term rain so I wear it in autumn and spring, and I take it for night fishing in summer. These retaining stripes on the shoulders allow you to carry the bag and perfectly hold the strap on the shoulder. Windproof/Waterproof membrane fabric FINLAND 10k/10k and fleece lining provide you comfort while trekking or fishing in near-freezing temperatures. 

Kayaking on the river Orchy became another evidence of its unique properties. The suit did not get wet when water got on it during rafting. It is so comfortable to wear. It gave freedom of movement when I went up and down the rocks. 

Suit design is visually aesthetic and multifunctional: there are tons of various pockets, waterproof zippers, comfortable and awesome magnetic buttons, which not only allow you to close pockets quickly but calm the soul when you hear this “ka-ching”.

The jacket is not heavy but weighty enough. It keeps you warm without the bulkiness and fits very well to size. It inspires confidence in quality. The fleece lining is very soft and warming. Top fabric of the jacket is also sightly. The suit evokes the feeling of confidence that I am wearing a very expensive branded apparel, which will serve me for many a year.

I did not find any shortcomings. Now it is my indispensable travel suit. I am really happy with my purchase and can’t wait to test it in the mountains. I'd highly recommend anyone looking for a hiking or fishing suit to give this one a shot.

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