Review on Flotation Fishing Suit "SKIF"

I have been a fan of winter fishing for a long time, but  my fishing winter suit fell into disrepair, so I began to look for new ones.

I decided to buy a new bib n braces suit for winter fishing, not only warm, but also safe. It is a float suit that keeps you on the water if you fall through the ice. I have been searching for a long time, but ice fishing float suits are expensive. I have found European models that cost about 300-500 pounds. And if you buy a jacket and bibs separately, they will cost even more.

As a result, I bought an insulated 2 piece fishing suit "SKIF". I have already worn it for winter fishing and boating in the sea in winter. 

It consists of a thermal waterproof jacket and bib and brace overalls. 

skif floatation suit

skif thermal fishing set

Orange inserts in the jacket are bright and eye-catching. It is very practical in case of a possible accident. The material is dense outside, it does not let water through (the suit is a float!) It is good not only if you fall into the water, but if it rains (it often rains in winter). Dense material does not let the wind through, so you can feel comfortable when it is windy too.

skif  insulated jacket

The jacket is very comfortable, it has two tiers of pockets, the lower ones are large for gloves, the upper ones are small to warm the hands.

The collar is high, you won’t be chilled through by the wind. The zipper is plastic, large, fastens easily. The hood is warm. When you put it on, you don't even need a hat.

The jacket of the Triton Thermal Winter Float-suit “SKIF” can be fitted with special puffs which are inside the jacket at the waist.

The lining of the jacket is made of a special modern material that has heat-saving properties. You will not freeze in this jacket. The jacket is really warm, the manufacturer promises comfort when it is minus 40 outside, it keeps warm when it is +5 and a strong sea wind blows. It’s neither cold nor hot.

skif lining

There are two pockets inside the jacket. One has a zipper for storing documents and car keys, and the second one is mesh, it is suitable for items that should be at hand and not freeze in the cold.

There are strips of special material in the sides and on the back (it looks like flexible foam), it provides buoyancy, gives some weight to the jacket and increases its size.

This angling flotation suit has a special zipper in the fishing jumpsuit. It can be connected to the jacket with a special strap, which provides not only thermal and wind protection, but also slows down the flow of water inside if the fisherman is in the water.

skif thermal bibs

The jumpsuit is also very warm, it covers the front and back, and good quality wide straps support it well. The straps will not tear and stretch very much.

skif thermal fishing overalls

At the top of  the “SKIF” bibs there is an orange insert with a pocket for a mobile phone. It is also very convenient. It will not get lost and freeze, and the battery will not run out.

skif insulated bibs

Plates of floating material are also sewn into the trousers, they make the trousers very voluminous and inflexible, but they are inserted in such a way that you can sit down, stand up, and bend down absolutely smoothly. To walk in them is unusual at first, you have to get used to it. But the plates do not interfere, the suit is designed for outdoor activities. These plates increase the size of the suit significantly.

A zipper at the bottom of the legs either narrows or expands the pants to pull the pant legs over the boots.

skif trousers zipped cuffs

The Triton “SKIF” suit -40 is well designed and very warm. The manufacturer promises that it keeps on the water for at least 2 hours, providing not only buoyancy, but also a temperature that does not allow you to overcool. Everything is fine, but the suit turned out to be a little bit cumbrous. It’s difficult to walk far in it. The person looks twice as big in it.

Some words about safety. The suit is equipped with rescue equipment, there is a whistle to sound a distress signal and 2 small ice safety picks to get onto the ice if you fail. The suit is made in Russia, so it is cheaper than other European and American counterparts.

safety sticksafety sticks
There is a lot of information included with the fishing floatation suit: about unique materials that provide thermal protection, wind protection, buoyancy, in addition there is a small repair kit with cuts of material to repair the suit if it tears.
skif repair kit


The Ice Fishing Float Suit “SKIF” is very warm and  safe. Despite some shortcomings, weight and size, the thing is good and useful. The price is affordable.

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