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Waterproof and windproof fabrics!

Taslan, Dewspo, Bonding Waterproof /Windproof fabrics for jackets!

The partners of GRIZZLYMAN. UK LTD offer a wide range waterproof suits ,waterproof jackets and trousers. Synthetic jacketing fabrics are used for the upper part of cold/water-protective clothes, jackets, windproof coats, special-purpose clothes etc. For teen and light clothing, the GRIZZLYMAN. UK LTD recommends using Dewspo soft fabrics for any outdoor clothing. All jacketing materials are processed with waterproof impregnating.

The Fabrics Dewspo, Taslan, Bonding are Windproof fabric is used in the manufacture of jackets, winter clothing, tent covers as an interlaying material between heat insulator and cloth of the upper part. The main advantage of windproof fabric is lightweight, resistance to chemicals, moisture resistance, and material strength. Waterproof fabrics are suitable for use in severe conditions of the street environment, can withstand a wide range of temperatures, are not sensitive to sunlight. In windproof cloth production, synthetic fiber is used; depending on the weaving technology, the fabric may have any of the specified properties.

Here is the our range of waterproof water-resistant or water-repellent products:


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