How to wear cargo pants?

Nowadays we often hear the term “Сombat trousers”. But what do combat trousers mean?

brown cargo pants

Сombat trousers are known as сargo pants, too. They are straight-leg pants (or elastic at the bottom) made of durable fabric with several additional pockets on the hips or in the calf area. This element of clothes was originally worn by the military; it was made of a dense military-colored fabric. The presence of pockets played an important role for the army, it was convenient to put various small essentials in them. Later, builders, repairmen, and plumbers began to wear cargo. Now such trousers are worn by both men and women; cargo has become a basic element of the wardrobe.

Are cargo pants still in style?

Cargo pants were a bright trend last season and are not going to give up positions. This comfortable model of trousers is loved by many fashionistas and streetstylers. If you managed to get yourself such a pair it is great! The trend for workwear and patch pockets can be seen in many collections in 2021. Therefore we can safely say that cargo pants or combat trousers are in fashion again!

What goes well with combat trousers?

Being a functional thing, cargo looks great with quilted jackets, flannel, denim and chambray shirts, knitted sweaters, work boots and other harsh paraphernalia. The main thing is not to overdo it and not dress up as a lumberjack. As photo reports from professional fashion exhibitions and shows demonstrate, cargo can be successfully worn with jackets, ties and classic shoes. But you need to understand the difference: with a suit shirt, a silk tie and black oxfords, cargo will look out of place, but they are perfect with an Oxford shirt, brown thick-soled brogues and a soft jacket. Men, remember!  You can tuck the trousers with casual clothes, but it is better to shorten them with a jacket at a tailor.

What to wear with combat pants for girls?

girl in military cargo pants

Combat trousers and a shirt? Girls,why not? Non-obvious, eclectic combinations are a hit of recent seasons. Cargo pants in combination with a classic, elegant shirt have a very original character - this set will be appreciated by every fashionista! Contrary to popular opinion, combining different styles is a great idea for casual outfits. Focus on the classics  in the office - a white or black shirt with a stand-up collar will give the look a more formal character. Remember about accessories - a leather belt and an elegant jacket will accentuate your formal outfit. For every day, you can afford a little fashion madness. Women's stylish cargo will look great with a denim shirt. Choose trousers in green or beige. Do you like spectacular outfits? Add to your trousers a shirt decorated with rhinestones, rivets or shoulder straps that accentuate the military character of your style. You can also choose a flannel shirt for every day - this is a universal solution for many occasions.

Cargo trousers look great with classic T-shirts and blouses, expressing a street style and free character. You can achieve the same effect by pairing them with a hoodie. This combination is perfect for weekend trips out of town, hiking or long walks. Women's cargo looks great with sweaters. You can choose the fitted or oversized model, thick or thin - the choice is yours. An interesting suggestion is to combine such trousers with a sweater with a cutout on the back - so you will definitely not go unnoticed. Going to a party and don't know what to wear? Choose a rise model that will accentuate your waist and optically slim your figure. How to complement this style? Choose a crop top or an off-the-shoulder blouse. You can also wear a plain shirt or with trendy details such as pearls or zircons. Don't forget about accessories - a small bag with a chain and high heels will be enough. This outfit is a part of the hottest trends of the season.

Which type of shoes are the best with cargo pants?

stylish cargo pants with boots

Men's stylish cargo trousers with functional pockets are combined with casual shoes. Designers combine them with sports shoes, emphasizing the comfort of the models. You should not complement the cargo trousers with classical shoes. Designers regularly experiment with winter footwear  (high boots, half-boots). Versions with rubber boots are often demonstrated: an original solution, a practical option in damp autumn or spring weather.

Сhoosing shoes for cargo pants women should adhere to the general direction of the outfit. A set in a sporty style will perfectly complement gumshoes, trainers or sneakers. For a business setting, pumps with heels or flat soles are suitable. For a walk with friends, you can wear simple sports slippers or ballet shoes. In warm weather, flat-soled sandals with straps go well together with cargo pants.

In autumn and winter, all kinds of boots and ankle boots will be “excellent companions” of cargo. Massive boots on a rough sole, with lacing, laconic basic and cowgirl boots - the choice is yours. The rougher the shoes are, the closer your look will be to the military style. If you follow the trends in fashion industry and are not afraid to wear cargo, tuck the cargo into high boots with a wide bootleg. This is a very fashionable trend. Use boots and heeled ankle boots for feminine sets. Choose laconic basic options in smooth leather or suede, cowgirl boots or trendy models with lacing, square nose and animal print.

For feminine and evening combinations, we wear court shoes and sandals. The contrast of brutal trousers and elegant accessories will add brightness, emphasize fragility and femininity.

Do cargo trousers make you look short and stumpy? 

stylish cargo with a vest

Сargo pants are suitable for all women, without exception, and look good on any type of figure.

Women with an inverted triangle shape of figure have narrow, boyish hips and broad shoulders. Large combat pants with big patch pockets in the hip area will suit them. These details will add the missing volume and balance the proportions of the top and bottom.

For girls whose figure is a rectangle shape (the hips and shoulders are the same in width, the absence of a waist) narrowed cargo will do with a minimum number of pockets in the upper front of the trousers. On the other hand, patch pockets on the buttocks and a belt at the waist will turn the “rectangle” into an “hourglass” shape.

For girls whose figure visually resembles a rounded shape, stylists recommend considering narrow pants with an elastic band at the waist. Thanks to this detail, you can not only hide the protruding belly, but also add grace to the silhouette.

The owners of a “hourglass” type of figure (pronounced waist, hips and shoulders are of the same width) are the most fortunate because they can wear any model.

What are the best combat trousers?

Nowadays popular models of cargo trousers are usually manufactured with high or low waist. The low waistline with wide trouser-legs is used in a sporty, loose style. Models with high waists often have a smaller width and fit the figure tightly, therefore they are chosen by slender or skinny young ladies who want to emphasize smooth feminine bends. The best combat pants for you are those that emphasize your individual features, reflects exactly your mindset and make you feel confident and attractive.

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