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How A-TACKS Camouflage Pattern opens up new possibilites

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There are many camouflage patterns, which are designed to help mask you in any outdoor environment. Today we going to talk about one of the most famous colours of camouflage: A-TACS.
A-TACS camo pattern was designed in 2011 by Digital Concealment Systems (DCS) as a universal pattern for any environment. The full name of A-TACS is the Advanced Tactical Concealment System pattern. This pattern looks very modern and offers a new solution, located between digital camo-patterns.

Today, there are two types of A-TACS camouflage:

  • AU (Arid/Urban) — for use in the mountains 
  • FG (Foliage/Green)- for use in the forest 

What are the benefits of the A-TACS pattern?

The result not only breaks the silhouette of a soldier (and this is the first goal of camouflage!) but also knocks down the “setting” of the eye. Since part of the picture is clear spots, and A-TACKS camo gives off the illusion of blurry spots. This is a new solution when it comes to pattern design.

In our online store, we currently have two clothing items with the A_TACS FG (Foliage/Green) patterns: ACU Trousers and Anorak Jacket. You can buy as separate items, or together to combine them as a suit.  Also, as our products mostly made from ripstop fabric, you get the high-quality performance of this fabric for any outdoor leisure activities.

We offer a great choice of quality and price!



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