8 Facts About Tactical Backpacks You Wanted To Know

What is a tactical backpack? 

The title of "tactical" backpack is not easy to earn. There are a number of criteria that must be met by a product claiming it. First of all, it is a well thought-out design and durable materials. A tactical backpack should withstand serious loads, not be afraid of extreme conditions and at the same time not burden its owner with excessive weight. Therefore, the tarpaulin of previous tactical canvas backpack generations was replaced by new technological materials - ballistic nylon and cordura, lightweight, but resistant to friction and tear. Leather straps have been replaced by a sturdy nylon webbing, and metal fittings have been replaced by impact-resistant plastic.

Why are tactical backpacks popular?

The carte-de-visite of any tactical backpack is its developed organization: many internal pockets and compartments for small items, PALS webbing  on the outside for placing all kinds of external pouches, Velcro panels for patches. In essence, all this makes the backpack "tactical", as it allows you to adapt it to any task and life situation. A military backpack can easily become an urban backpack, and the next day, go hunting with its owner, without letting him down in any of the spheres. Therefore tactical backpacks are so popular today.

Are “Molle” and “Pals” the same?

We often hear the terms “MOLLE” and “PALS”. Usually, you’ll find that a backpack has “PALS webbing” or that a pouch is “MOLLE compatible”. Confusingly, sometimes you’ll hear just the opposite because “MOLLE” and “PALS” are often used interchangeably. BUT, there is a difference! MOLLE stands for Modular Light-weight Load-carrying Equipment. The term MOLLE describes a specific system manufactured by Specialty Defense Systems. The MOLLE system includes PALS webbing. PALS stands for Pouch Attachment Ladder System and is a horizontal mesh of repeating fabric strips commonly found on backpacks. So, PALS is a type of webbing, and MOLLE is a type of modular gear that attaches through this webbing. 

best  tactical shoulder bag


Tactical Shoulder Bag “Tactics” 

How many different types of tactical backpacks are there? 

As types of tactical backpacks, one can distinguish raid (up to 45 liters) and assault - the smallest sizes (up to 30 liters). All other types of small tactical backpacks and especially small bags and bags attached to backpacks (medical, grenade, store, messenger, etc.) are called pouches and are used, as a rule, only in conjunction with the main tactical backpack.

What are tactical backpacks for?

Сhoosing a knapsack, you should decide what exactly you need it for. The fact is that tactical backpacks are suitable not only for combat, but also for everything else: hunting, fishing, hiking, extreme entertainment and other activities that require a high-quality and multifunctional bag. Different models have their own characteristics and may be more suitable for a particular type of recreation. Therefore, a backpack must be chosen wisely, taking into account its purpose.

Things to consider before making a purchase

With so many options of tactical backpacks available from a huge selection of brands to choose from, it can be hard to know which one’s best suited to your needs. Let’s consider the features the backpacks can be characterized by.


A good tactical backpack for a hike should have enough capacity to hold supplies and necessary things for at all times during the trip. Usually a three-day backpack has a volume of 40 liters. For longer outings, you can take a backpack with a larger capacity of 60, 80 or 100 liters. At the same time, if you buy a backpack for performing active actions, for example, for airsoft, then the backpack should not be large. It should contain all the necessary things, but at the same time not impede movement.


For convenience, the backpack should be equipped with a system of slings and carabiners, to which you can attach various kinds of equipment, as well as pouches, covers, and sleeping mat. The most essential things are attached to the backpack so that they can be quickly reached. You should choose a system of pouches and other accessories that can be easily adjusted for your needs.

It is advisable that a separate container for drinking was included with the bag, as this is very convenient when making long marches. Also, we must not forget about the colour of the product. Dark and camouflage colors of tactical backpacks allow you to remain invisible in the forest and on the ground. This property is important not only for the military, but also for hunters and airsoft players.

Manufacturing materials

Most often, tactical backpacks are made of durable material and can withstand heavy loads. But still, before buying a bag, it is worth clarifying its carrying capacity. Nylon fabric is an excellent option, as it is very durable and practically does not wear out. Choosing a backpack, check all the zippers for serviceability. They should work flawlessly. Also pay attention to moisture protection. The fabric from which the rucksack is sewn must be treated from the inside with a special waterproofing compound, repellent to prevent getting wet. In addition, the backpack must have a waterproof rain cover. This device can protect things even from heavy rainfall. 


Choosing your ideal backpack, pay your attention to the construction.

There are three basic types of backpacks which are differentiated by their frame type: external frame, internal frame, and frameless. Nowadays tactical backpacks are mostly with internal frames, though some military bags can have external frames.

What is the best tactical backpack?

Nowadays there is a big choice of tactical backpacks. However, what is the best tactical backpack?

The utmost appeal of a tactical backpack is its versatility. They are made to be more durable than usual backpacks. Waterproof fabric that is also rip-proof. Bags can be adapted to your working and personal preferences. The great advantage of a tactical backpack is that there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place. 

Looking for a tactical bag, look for the brands that were used in its design. Pay your attention to the brands YKK, TiZip, ITW Nexus, AustriAlpin and others. If you haven't heard of a brand, it probably doesn't have a reputation for great track records. So choose the tactical backpack, whiсh you can trust.

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Can a backpack be washed in a washing machine?

No matter how durable and wear-resistant a backpack is, over time the thing gets dirty and loses its original attractiveness. How to properly care for an accessory and can the backpack be washed at home? And can a backpack be washed in a washing machine?

As a rule, most manufacturers do not recommend washing an accessory in an automatic washing machine. This precaution is due to the fact that during the production process the equipment is impregnated with special water-resistant solutions, which are quickly washed out during washing with an automatic machine or simply processing with water. But if there are no such indications and prohibitions on the product label, you can safely use washing machines and again enjoy the cleanliness and practicality of the equipment. 

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